Dwell Devos

This verse is the epitome of love, in that, Christ calls us his friends and willingly lays down his life for us.
Let’s commit to laying down our gossip, giving our friends the opportunity to work it out, and choosing to live a life of great love -the life that Jesus calls us to live.
As followers of Jesus, we can trust that there is a purpose, that he will show us the glory of it even.
Glory is the word that the Bible uses to explain what it’s like when God shows up. It’s magnificent, other-worldly, excellent, breathtaking…
I’ve found that when I ask God day by day for direction in all things, he is able to reveal his glory, goodness, and faithfulness, because I give him the space to do it.
If we believe that God is real and that Jesus has overcome death on our behalf, then Easter holds the most beautiful, magnificent, glorious truth!
We should be seeking God like it’s our job. Because, well, it is.
The LORD is GOOD. Everything about him is good. Everything he does is good. He's ALL GOOD.
Exactly one year ago, on my 33rd birthday, I got a call that would change my life.
Back stories give us insight and clarity.
As I've been challenged to love actively this month, the perfect illustration just waltzed right into my kitchen one day after school.
What if sometimes the most loving thing we could do for a close friend is to challenge them in an area where they fall short, or hurt people?
“Dear children…” Let that idea wash over you. You are a dear child.
Are your words merely words? Or, does your life truly reflect them?
You are loved by the God of the universe. He gave his very life to give you a new life, a true life, one that is connected to him and purposeful.
Before I met Jesus, my life was a mess. I tried so hard to keep it all together, but I really was without purpose or real direction.
Some people believe that the essence of who we are is etched in stone, as immovable as the pyramids.