Dwell Devos

Again and again, God commands his people to trust him-trust that he is good, that he’s in control, that his ways are best, trust that he loves us and takes care of us, and so on.
When God repeats something, we should take notice.
While I sit here snug in my living room, all my little (and not so little) people are off to their first week of school. A new school, in a new city. And, I cannot help but send my heart and my fears with them
Between chasing babies, working full time, putting the moldy laundry through the washer again, coming up with dinner, packing lunches, finishing those house projects we started... rest doesn’t even seem like a possibility for me at this point in my life.
This month we’ve been focusing on rest. But, what is rest? How do we find it? And, why is it so hard to come by?
I can tell you one concept that I’ve had mercifully jammed into my head during this season of complete upheaval: I am not a superhero. I’m not all-sufficient.
We all need rest. In fact, we can't live without it. We are made in such a way that resting is absolutely necessary.
No matter how self-sufficient, efficient, amazing, big boss lady getting stuff done I can be, I still just can’t be enough sometimes.
At that moment, I remember very clearly being struck by the idea that there had to be a God. How else could this immense "everything" come to be and work so perfectly?
The details of creation speak to just how intentional our God is. These things around us didn’t just come to be by chance. They were thought out and were given to us for a purpose.
Even in the city, where concrete is king, creation constantly pokes up between the cracks, calls out from roosted corners, and rains down refreshing waters.
I am blessed to have small kids running all over my house every day. It’s a crazy, loud, messy sort of fun. And, one of the greatest blessings of hanging out with them is their sense of wonder.
Are you well in your soul today? The old hymn, "It Is Well With My Soul", challenges us to be well in our souls regardless of our circumstances.
The average person can’t imagine running full speed towards a stationary object, with a 14 foot stick in their hands. They gasp at the idea of launching themselves over a bar to fall from 15 feet in the air.
Like the people of God then, the people of God today need to focus on him.
I am.I fight my battles. I work really hard at it. When a problem comes up, I stress, and then I brainstorm, I make a plan, and then I go for it. Read this article for answers to these and other questions: Does God care? Is God for me? How should I deal with hardship?
On this Memorial Day, it’s fitting to think of those who’ve gone before us with hearts inspired by their love and sacrifice.
Sacrifice is always beautiful. Even when sacrifice seems ugly on the surface, there’s a deeper beauty to be found in this most selfless form of love