Dwell Devos

I love setting goals. I love strategizing about how to achieve them. I love reflecting on how things are going and how I might do things better. Brand new calendars with empty spaces... YES.
A light in the heavens. A baby in a manger. This is the eve of our Savior’s birth.
This Christmas story doesn’t begin with the micro-perspective of a baby in a manger humbly entering into the outskirts of humanity. Rather, it begins at the literal beginning.
How can you share the light of Jesus this season?
Bustle. Hustle. Presents. Cards. Lists. Expectations. All of these things press in on us at Christmas.
One way of understanding God’s will is by thinking about God’s specific will for you and his general will for every Christian.
Dear Dwell followers, It is with a heart full of gratitude that I sit down to write this letter to you. God is big, and he has shown up to do amazing things in this journey we are on together.
I know this is not an easy thing for many of us. We don't just wake up in the morning gushing gratitude over all of the mundane expected blessings of the day.
Everything about this verse hangs on one little phrase, "in Christ Jesus”. If we are to give thanks in ALL circumstances, we must have great reason for thankfulness.
I started putting my nose in the bible, choosing just one verse at a time to focus on. It literally became the food for my soul.
God wants us to lean hard into his infinite wisdom and full understanding.
What are you trusting in? Even though we might say that we trust God, in reality we often put our trust in something or someone else.
What temporary things are you using as happiness substitutes for the eternal God?
Tunnel vision. Not a thing we want to be true of our outlook.
The greater context of our verse (Corinthians 4:16-18) gives us great insight into how a simple refocusing can relieve our stress and restore our hope.
It is quite normal for children to have imaginary friends. However, if an adult casually mentioned that she was looking at something invisible, you might have cause for concern.
Middle School. I tremble to think of it. Do you remember your first day?
How do the concepts of alert readiness, firm belief, and courageous strength fit together with doing everything in love? At a glance, they don’t.