Psalm 23 Children's Series

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Psalm 23 Children's Series Refill Pack of 10

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An engaging, fun, colorful 6-part series to memorize Psalm 23

After finishing this series, students will be able to recite all of Psalm 23 and understand who the shepherd of their souls is and how he cares for them. This series is designed for elementary aged students and can be completed in 6 weeks or 6 months, spaced out as you see fit in your ministry.

Here's what the kit includes:

Bulk tattoos for your entire group
  • Each person gets 3 colorful temporary tattoos of each verse design to help them memorize the verse. 
  • Friends and strangers ask, "Hey! What does your tattoo mean?" and your group members will be able to share the verse and their faith in a fun, organic way!

Bulk key tags for your entire group

  • Key tags include the verse design on one side, and the verse on the opposite side.
  • Key tags function as flashcards that remind you of the verses you've already memorized.

Print for each student to take home

  • Each student will receive an 8 1/2 x 11" print of the verse design 
  • On durable plastic paper to place in a visible spot as a beautiful and functional reminder.
  • Downloadable poster size available for printing

Devotionals and activity sheets for each verse

  • Each verse comes with a teaching guide with questions to promote conversations with kids and help them apply the words they are memorizing to their lives.
  • Coloring sheet with unique activity page for each verse

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All Scripture quotations used for designs, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Ainsworth
Psalm 23

We are using the Psalm 23 kit in our children's ministry over the next 6 months. Our kids and families are loving it so far and we have had so many kids recite Psalm 23:1 already. Looking forward to them all being able to recite all of Psalm 23 by summertime! Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity!!

Cicely Silva
Psalm 23

I love this kit! The designs are beautiful and all the material was so thoughtfully written. I split the kit with other women at my church. It is definitely worth the cost. You get so much physical and digital content. I love that I was able to memorize a chapter of the Bible. I hope Dwell comes out with more large portions of Scripture in the future.