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Vera Schmitz : Where Do You Find Hope?

“The reality is, we’re all empty vessels that are needing to be filled. So practically speaking, how then do we fill our buckets?” — Vera Schmitz

Courtney Doctor : Overflowing Hope

“These things that he’s giving—the hope and the joy and the peace—are not separate from him, they are part of him. He’s the God of hope, so he’s actually giving...

Natalie Abbott : What Is Hope?

“Biblical hope is not a wishing and a longing—biblical hope is a certain hope because it is rooted and grounded in the faithful God of hope.” — Natalie Abbott

Blair Linne : Walk in the Truth

“Then you have Jesus who is Truth materialized. He is sincerity and genuineness in the flesh. He shows up on the scene and says, ‘I’m going to give you the...

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