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Natalie & Vera : April 2022

“Jesus invites us to bring our little people to him” — Vera Schmitz We have a present for you! We've made you a free downloadable Easter devotional and coloring sheet. ...

Hunter Beless

Meet Hunter, the founder and host of the Journeywomen Podcast, author of the book Read It, See It, Say It, Sing It!, and most importantly, a follower of Christ.

Sadie Robertson Huff

Meet Sadie Robertson Huff! Sadie is a wife, mom, author, and speaker—and those are only a few of her titles! This girl is busy and she's on a mission. Her...

Natalie & Vera : March 2022

“You can’t rely on your feelings. You have to rely on what’s actually true—who God actually is and what he actually says about you.” — Vera We're talking about confidence...

Debra Fileta

Debra is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the author of 5 books on the topics of dating, marriage, love, and healthy relationships. Her heart for Jesus informs her work, her...

Natalie & Vera : February 2022

We're a full week into February, so you've probably had a minute to check out this month's verse - 1 John 4:16! What do you think?! We hope that the...

Ellie Holcomb

Ellie is a singer, songwriter, wife, mama, and lover of God and his Word. We are big fans of her work and we're pumped to start the year with Ellie...

Natalie & Vera : January 2022

Are you loving this month's verse? We hope so! We chose it because we wanted to kick off the year with a reminder of hope, joy, and good health.  You'll...

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