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Remember Who Won
"How are you already forgetting Easter?" - Vera Schmitz

We know that Jesus raised from the dead, defeating sin and Satan and death. And we know that if we are in Christ, Jesus’s victory is true of us too. But all too often, we don’t live like Jesus has already won—we slip into being stressed and fearful and discouraged as our situations loom large in our minds. Join Vera Schmitz, co-founder of Dwell Differently, as she shares a story from her own life about this and points us again to the reality of the gospel and the real difference Jesus’s victory makes in our day-to-day struggles and stressors. We are a forgetful bunch of humans, but there is hope!


He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. — Matthew 28:6a


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EPISODE TRANSCRIPT: Hey, it's Natalie Abbott. Welcome back to the Dwell Differently podcast. I know you're expecting Vera, but that girl is taking some time off. Good for her. So here I am wrapping up the month with you. (READ MORE)

Our verse this month is, “The LORD is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life—ff whom shall I be afraid?” It is from Psalm 27:1. 

I have absolutely loved diving into this verse. It has been such a goodness to me. It's something that I have prayed through, that I have recited over myself, that I have spoken in truth to the Lord. “Lord, you are my light. You are my salvation. You are my stronghold.”

In times when I need it, that is what I have been doing. And at the beginning of the month, for those of you who are members, you would've gotten a kit in the mail with temporary tattoos, key tags, and a print to help you memorize the verse. Well, on the back of that print, I wrote a prayer for you this month, and I want to pray through that prayer with you right now.

So would you consider those things that feel overwhelming to you? Would you think about those things that cause the fear to rise up in your soul? Those things that maybe hide in the corners of your mind or maybe they are right there on the forefront. Whatever it is this month that you have been grappling with the Lord with, we are going to take those things before the Lord in prayer and we are going to claim what he says is true about himself. We are going to pray this verse back to the Lord, and we are going to ask him to give us courage where there is otherwise fear because of who he is. So would you hold onto those things in your mind and we are going to let go of them together before the Lord. Will you pray with me? 

Lord, you are my light. You expose every dark and hidden thing. There is no possible evil prowling beyond your [00:02:00] sight. No lurking malice ever catches you off guard. You know all. You see all. Everything is exposed by your marvelous light. Therefore, I will not fear the darkness for you have overcome it.

Lord, you are my salvation. You rescue me from any and everything that threatens, overwhelms or overtakes me. Your salvation is as sure as you are, as good as your Word, solid and dependable. Always true. I will not fear being lost or forsaken for you have saved me. Lord, you are my stronghold. You are my shield and protector where I can run and hide and be held tight.

Whatever battle I come up against you, defend me. You uphold my cause. You keep my very soul. I will not fear any hardship or enemy. For you are my safe place because you are my light, I will not fear the unknown. Because you are my salvation, I will not fear rejection because you are my stronghold, I will not fear the battle.

You are the God who overcomes all things and invites me into your safe haven. Whom or what shall I fear when I am yours? Amen. 

All right, friends, thank you so much for joining me. I pray that this is a prayer that you would repeat to yourself, that the components of this prayer, the components of this verse, [00:04:00] you would speak them over yourself, that you would speak them to the Lord claiming that he is your light, that he is your salvation, that he is your safe stronghold.

These are the true things of God, and because they are true, you do not have anything to fear. For the Lord has saved you. For the Lord is good. For the Lord is safe. And so would you take these words with you? I hope and I pray that you would continue just to draw on them as you go throughout the next seasons of your life, that they would come back to you, that they would be a safe haven, just as the Lord is a safe haven for you.

So thanks for joining us today. Thanks for memorizing with us. We absolutely love having you here with us. And if you're interested in becoming a Dwell member and getting that kit in the mail, we'd love for you to do that. We just want to give you whatever tools we can to help you memorize God's Word.

So if you want to do that, you can go to and sign up for our membership. Thanks for joining me today.

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Vera Schmitz

Vera Schmitz is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Dwell Differently. She lives in Missouri with her husband, Matt, and thier two boys.

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