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Why Dwell?
Heyo friends! My name is Vera, and I want to share with you why I started Dwell in 2017.

Heyo friends! My name is Vera, and I want to share with you why I started Dwell in 2017.

I started Dwell for any person out there whose head has ever been consumed with fear, anxiety, worry, doubt, confusion, insecurity.... you get the picture. What goes on between our ears dictates how we see ourselves, how we operate in the world, how we treat others, and how we see and experience God... So much of who we are lives in our thoughts. 

I went through this tough spot a few years ago, and my thought life was plagued. I was constantly dwelling on the negative and it was eating me alive. (Have you been there? Are you there now?) I began memorizing verses to combat those all too familiar anxious thought trains I would find myself on. And, slowly but surely, God's most wonderful truths—his love for me and his promises to me began to fill my head. My mind was focused on something different. His word brought new life to my paralyzed mind. 

As I came out of those trenches, I knew I wanted to share this with anyone who I could. And so Dwell began. We're here to help you by giving you the greatest gift we could ever possibly give  you: God's powerful word. It really changes lives. It wins back our minds. It strengthens our hearts. It sets us free. 

We hope that our mission to bring you God's word in a simple, beautiful, easy way has helped your hearts and minds focus on something different—something true, beautiful, and life giving. 

-Vera Schmitz


HEAR MORE from Vera on this week's podcast. (Dwell Differently on all major music players or our website) On it, she talks about how God continues to help her in this season of life. 


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