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Jason Abbott : What Is the Glory of God?

“The darkness is being dispelled—the light is coming. Sin is being dispelled—righteousness is coming. Death is being dispelled—life is coming.” — Jason Abbott

Rachel Gilson : Cultivating Thankfulness Together

“There’s something about the practice of [thankfulness] in community that completes it. And that’s God’s design, that’s not a crutch. It’s not more holy if I’m just praying to Jesus...

Vera Schmitz : His Word Does Not Return Void

“Don’t be afraid to share your heart, to share God’s truth, and to share his promise, because it’s true that we can live full lives following Jesus—it is the only...

Natalie & Vera : A Warning and an Offer

“This is the promise that we have in Jesus: not to be taken from but to be given. Even when we don’t deserve the kinds of gifts, the fullness that...

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