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Vera Schmitz : Words That Bring Light

“For each of us—no matter who you are, no matter how mentally tough you are—there are things in our lives we are believing that are not true. Or maybe we...

Natalie Abbott : Lessons from a Rule Lover

“We walk in a dark place. This is inherently saying that we need God’s Word to light the way. We are not the light—we need God to be the light, to shine...

Vera Schmitz : Anticipation and Awe

“So often we get so caught up in our own individual lives that our heads are down and we’re doing all the things and we forget that we have God’s...

Natalie & Vera : Arise and Shine

“This should be our heartbeat…when we feel the pain and the darkness in our lives, that we would look at that eternal restoration of all things and long for it—we...

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