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Weekly Devotionals

Let's Not Move On

As I've been challenged to love actively this month, the perfect illustration just waltzed right into my kitchen one day after school.

L O V E in T R U T H

What if sometimes the most loving thing we could do for a close friend is to challenge them in an area where they fall short, or hurt people?

You are Dear

“Dear children…” Let that idea wash over you. You are a dear child.

Remember Who You Are

You are loved by the God of the universe. He gave his very life to give you a new life, a true life, one that is connected to him and...

My Personal Story

Before I met Jesus, my life was a mess. I tried so hard to keep it all together, but I really was without purpose or real direction.

The Old Has Gone.

Some people believe that the essence of who we are is etched in stone, as immovable as the pyramids.

I n // C h r i s t

What does it mean to be "in Christ"? Jesus gives us a beautiful picture to help us understand this concept of abiding in him, or being connected to him.

God Growth> Good Growth

I love setting goals. I love strategizing about how to achieve them. I love reflecting on how things are going and how I might do things better. Brand new calendars...

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