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Overcoming Our Doubt

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I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!

- Mark 9:24b

The Bible tells us about this amazing, loving God, the One who made us, who rescued us, who delights in us, who has our best interests in mind. Always. His ways are always for our thriving and our deep joy. He is always kind, always right, always perfect, all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good. We are never out of his mind or his heart. This is just simply true. 

But, do we believe it? 

More importantly, do we actually live like this is true? Do we come at our trials holding tight to the God who saves? Do we talk with him like the friend that he is? Do we seek his fathomless wisdom when we are perplexed? So often we don’t. We’re uncertain if he cares, if he really hears, or if he is willing to help. This is what unbelief looks like in practical terms. And, it threatens to steal our security, make doubt king, and hold our quaking hearts hostage. 

So, how do we overcome our unbelief?

This side of heaven, doubt will always plague us, just like sin and death. We won’t be free of it. But, we don’t have to give in to it, and we shouldn't try to hide it away or pretend like we don't struggle with it. Our verse teaches us to cry out to Jesus with our doubt. He cares, he hears, and he's willing to help us overcome our unbelief. You see, crying out to Jesus and confessing our doubt isn't anything to be ashamed of. Instead, it is the very thing we should do. Ironically, when we confess our doubt to Jesus, it's our faith that's on display.

Do you actually live like what you believe is true?

What doubts do you need to ask God to help you overcome?