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Words on Words on Words
This verse blows my mind. This verse comes at the Word of God in so many ways, that I just had to show you each amazing angle. You see, I’m convinced that it’s gonna blow your mind, just like it did mine.

God's word is a weapon, our bread, our example.

Jesus answered, "It is written: 'Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'" -Matthew 4:4


This verse blows my mind.    

Usually, when I write posts about our verses, I try to tackle just one bite-sized concept in each post. It just keeps things simple. However, today, I just had to give you the whole shabang at once. This verse comes at the Word of God in so many ways, that I just had to show you each amazing angle. You see, I’m convinced that it’s gonna blow your mind, just like it did mine. So, press through all of these points with me, I’m convinced you’ll be blessed.    

Words on words on words.   

Our verse is all about the Word of God—what it is, why it matters, and how we use it. In our verse, we see Jesus, who is the “Word of God” (John 1), taking on the enemy of God by quoting a passage from the Word of God about the absolute necessity of Word of God. And, to add just one more angle, those words Jesus says are also the Word of God too, recorded for our benefit, even now. Did you catch all that? Well, if it seems like a lot to you, it’s because it is. But, not to worry! We’re gonna break it down one small piece at a time and then put all the pieces back together so we can see the whole picture. And, once we do that, we can just sit a minute and worship, because God is infinitely beyond our wildest dreams of goodness. But, let’s start at the beginning, it’s a very good place to start.    

Jesus is the Word of God.  

The Bible gives Jesus this interesting title, the Word of God. It tells us how this “Word” was there in the beginning with God, and that he was God. And together, they created all that there is (John 1). And, not only did Jesus co-create everything, but even now, at this very moment, he’s sustaining and upholding all of it by his powerful word (Hebrews 1).  Now that’s real power. Moreover, every single word in the Book points to the “Word” who put on flesh to save his people. Again with all of the words. Words are so important. 



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Jesus knows and quotes the Word of God.   

Jesus thought words were important too. In fact, he uses them as a weapon against the enemy. In our passage, we find Jesus in the desert having just fasted for 40 days. FORTY! And, at his physical low point, Satan comes and tempts him to prove his divinity by turning stones to bread. You gotta know the temptation was real. But, Jesus resists by quoting Scripture (our verse). Jesus, as the Word of God, in the flesh, could have spoken any words to combat the enemy. His words are the Word of God, aren’t they? But instead, he chose to quote scripture, words he knew by heart, the perfect words to combat exactly what Satan was tempting him with. Don’t miss the lesson here. Jesus is modeling to us the most important weapon we can use against the Devil—the Word of God (see Galatians 6). If Jesus used it to fight the enemy, we should too!   

Jesus points us to the centrality of God’s Word.    

Jesus not only quotes Scripture, but the Scripture he quotes is actually about Scripture. He’s doing an old fashioned show and tell. He is showing the power of God’s Word, while telling us simultaneously that God’s Word is central. The passage he quotes tells us that we must have it to live. We can’t live on just physical bread, but our souls need nourishment too. We need to be feasting on the truths in God’s Word, not just so we can use them against the enemy, but because they are our very life. Without them, we cannot thrive (If you didn’t read last week’s email, click here for more about this concept).    

Jesus' words are written for our benefit.    

Finally, our verse about the value of God’s Word actually “comes from the mouth of God” (i.e. Jesus). And, they are for us. Right now, we need this word from God about the absolute necessity of God’s word—not as tools for healthy living and not as moralisms to reign in our bad behaviors, but as good news, words of love and life. Those words are meant to be consumed by us, to encourage us, to sustain us, and to both enliven us and come alive in us.  That’s because God’s Word draws us closer to himself, the One who loves us and upholds everything, even us.   

Let’s put the pieces back together now.   

Are you starting to see the fuller picture? I hope you’ve noticed the beauty of the “Word of God” speaking in the flesh about the power of his own words. And in doing so, he simultaneously demonstrates that power and encourages us to use that same power as both a weapon and our own divine sustenance. God’s Word is for us, it is for our thriving. It is how we can find joy and hope and truth. But, most importantly, God’s Word is how we can know God and be moved to worship him.




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