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Package Description

At the beginning of each month, you will receive a package equipping you to memorize the verse of the month. Here's what you'll get:

Individual Membership Family/Friends Membership
  • 3 Temporary Tattoos
  • Key Card w/ Verse
  • 4x5.5 Print w/ Devotional
  • 9 Temporary Tattoos 
  • 2 Key Cards w/ Verse
  • 4x5.5 Print w/ Devotional

***Your Membership arrives in the first week of the month following your purchase date.

Member Access:

Dwell Members now get exclusive Member Access to:

Dwell Kit Shop - where you can order individual Dwell kits of our previous designs, and order bulk kits at a discount! 

Dwell Digital Downloads -  free digital downloads of our verse designs, printable coloring pages and lock screens and backgrounds for their phones, computers, and apple watches! New designs being added every month!

Exclusive Discounts & Early Access - even deeper discounts on Dwell accessories & gifts!

How does billing work?

When you join Dwell, your card will be charged on that day. Every following order will be processed on the 15th of the month. For example, if you sign up on March 22nd, your card will be charged again on April 15th. If you sign up on March 2nd, you will be charged again on April 15th.
If you join Dwell's pre-paid year long membership, your membership will be renewed on the 15th of the anniversary month in which you signed up. So, if you signed up on March 22, 2019, you will be charged again on March 15, 2020.

How do I cancel my membership?

Create and login to your Account Page in the upper right hand corner of our site using the email address associated with your membership. Once you are logged in, click Manage Subscription to change your membership. You can skip, pause, or cancel your membership anytime. If you have further questions, please email us at dwell@dwelldifferently.com. You may receive and be charged for one final month's membership before all future transactions are cancelled. 

When will my membership come?

Dwell memberships arrive on the first week of every month. Your first month's order will arrive in the first week of the following month. For example, if you sign up between December 1-31, your first package will arrive the first week of January.
Every subsequent month, your membership should arrive within 4 days of the 1st of the month. If you haven't received your package by the 5th, please contact us at dwell@dwelldifferently.com

What happens when I change my address?

We ask that you allow one fulfillment cycle for your new address to be updated. 

What do the letters mean?

Each letter represents the first letter of each word in the verse, helping you recall the verse every time you see the design. 

Should I get a black or white tattoos?

White tattoos look beautiful on darker skin tones and more subtle on lighter skin tones. Black shows well on all skin tones. 

How do I apply my tattoo?

Temporary tattoos are easy to apply; all you need is water and a wet cloth. Your skin should be clean, dry, and free of lotion, oils, and makeup.

1. Remove the clear, protective top sheet.

2. Press the tattoo firmly onto your skin with the design side facing down.

3. Firmly press a wet cloth against the back of the tattoo, making sure to wet the paper thoroughly. Continue to hold for 30 seconds.

4. Slowly peel off the paper backing.

5. Gently rinse the image with cold water, and allow the temporary tattoo to dry before touching or covering with clothes. 

Are temporary tattoos safe?

Dwell's temporary tattoos are safe and non-toxic. Our American made tattoos use FDA certified colorants and all products exceed US, Canadian, and European Union safety standards for cosmetic and toy products. Documentation is available upon request. If your skin becomes irritated, stop using the tattoos.


How long does my tattoo last?

Dwell temporary tattoos last about 3 days. Here are a few tips for extending the life of your tattoo:

- Choose a smooth, hair-free area of skin (such as your wrist or forearm) that doesn’t crease or stretch when you move.

- Make sure your skin is dry and free of oil, lotion, and makeup.

- Avoid clothing or jewelry that will rub the tattoo.

- Temporary tattoos can be easily removed with a bit of rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, or baby oil.


Frequent Questions

What do the letters mean?

Each letter represents the first letter of each word in the verse, helping you recall the verse every time you see the design. 

When will my membership arrive?

Your first order will arrive in the first week of the next month after your order. 

After that, your membership will continue to arrive on the first week of every month.

How does billing work?

For non-prepaid memberships, your card will be charged on the same day of your order

You can skip, pause, or cancel anytime.

Every following payment will be processed on the 15th of each month. 

Design Concept

See how Dwell designs make it easy to memorize a Bible verse
Dwell + Seed Company
God's Word In Every Language

A portion of all of our profits and our ongoing prayers go to support the Seed Company.

Customer Reviews

Based on 364 reviews
Simple, Able & Fulfilling

I always had trouble trying to memorize scripture. I was looking for something to help me. Dwell made it so simple and easy and most of all I can practice memorizing anywhere! I have it on my desk at work, on my key chain. I love it thus far!!!

Great little reminders

I love the little reminder, and encouragement to memorize verses. I love the keyring idea also, great way to keep them all together!

Love love love my Dwell Subscription!

I was skeptical about wearing a temporary tattoo to memorize scripture but man do I love it! It’s always right there for me to ruminate on all day and they lasted almost a week each. I am so so excited for the May one to come out and I’m so glad I purchased the subscription. It’s something I’ll look forward to every month. I’ve been listening to the podcast as well and it’s great!!! Thank you for making an ingenious product and I know God will use it to bring me closer to Him and give me a chance to tell others of His love.

Fun Family Bonding

My family loves to wear these memory verse tattoos. We randomly call each other out to recite the verse during the day/week. I love hearing Scripture spoken out regularly!

First Dwell order

I received my first Dwell order and was so pleased! My daughter and I put on our tattoos right away, and shared the third with a young lady at church. The card is clipped by my sink for frequent practice. We enjoyed memorizing our verse together! And the emailed materials were great as well. Looking forward to making it a habit!

Love it!

Absolutely loved getting our first Dwell order. It was amazing to see how quickly my kids and I could memorize the verse. The tattoo is high quality and remained on our skin for most of the month! This is such a powerfully positive and motivating product. If there was anything to add/change, it would be to have online content to coordinate with the verse throughout the month. We memorized our verse so quickly, we feel like we’re waiting around for next month to come. The additional content would supplement and keep everyone engaged until the next Dwell arrival.

Monthly Scripture Tatoo

We really loved the first tattoo. Waiting for the May shipment. My tattoo stayed on the inside of my forearm until I scrubbed it off, easily over two weeks.

Excellent way to memorize scripture

My three kids and I have been working on the verse together! We memorized our first months scripture in about 2 weeks! Such a Great way to get the Word in our hearts!

Love the tattoos

I love the creativity and heart that goes into this product. The tattoos are such a creative and beautiful way to help me imprint the Word of God on my heart.

It actually works!

My family loves this. We got our first subscription last month and have our first verse memorized already! It is easy and such a fun way to turn what has always felt like drudgery into something exciting.