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Infinitely Intimate
While his infinity may boggle my mind, what brings me to my knees in wonder-filled worship is not his ability to stand over time, but his willingness to step into it.

has god ever done something so personal for you, that you just knew it was from him?

"I am the Alpha and the Omega," says the Lord God, "who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty." - Revelation 1:8


Is. Was. Will be. 

I’ve only ever been able to scratch the surface of what it means that God is eternal. It's just too much for my peabrain to hold, and it always leaves me feeling small. Yet, I know I must want God to be big! He must be eternal if he is to be God at all. I just have to confess that this trait has never given me the warm fuzzies. But, just the other day, his eternality came crashing into my present in the most personal way. It’s a totally unbelievable story. And, I have to share it with you, because I hope it’ll help you see the intimate nature of our infinite God.  

The “generosity” goal. 

Ever since Dwell began, Vera and I have been dreaming up ways to be generous with all that God has so generously given to us. For 2020, we set the goal of giving towards another like-minded ministry, one that helps people connect with God through his Word. This was the start of our 3rd year in business. What an exciting prospect! This was the year! We wanted to have a list of several ministries that fit the bill. We wanted to vet them and make a really informed, prayerful decision. But, then… 2020 hit like a ton of bricks. Need I say more? We just kept on putting our “generosity goal” on the back burner so we could keep our families sane and our business running. And every time it came up, we still only had one ministry on our list, Seed Company. And as the year was winding down, I told V, “You know what? I’m just gonna call them and see…” 

The right fit. 

It was apparent right away that Seed Company was the perfect match for us. Their mission is to translate God’s Word into every language in this generation. Whoa! We were in for that! Our rep., Tony, asked if we had any connections to a specific area of the world. There was just this one: Guatemala. We both remember having a great aunt named Helen who served there doing Bible translation and medical work. But, we had no idea of the specifics because we were only kids back when she was still alive. I just remembered hearing updates from Helen and her friend, Mary, at our massive family reunions every couple of years growing up. It made a big impression on me—to think that they’d give up everything “normal” to follow God into the jungle. Anyhow, Tony said he’d add Guatemala to the list. Vera and I hung up the phone saying, “How cool would it be if the same people group our aunt served was available now?” I remember thinking, “Probably not. They already finished that Bible translation years ago.”  








I’m sure you can see where this is going by now. But at the time, we had no idea. 

Tony followed up with a long report detailing all of the potential people groups that we might choose. There were some in Africa, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and of course, Guatemala. In Guatemala, there were 5 languages they would be working on for the next couple of years. We talked about it and decided to pick one of those groups, we just needed to let Tony know which one. Then one morning Vera called me. “You’re never going to guess what mom just told me. I was telling her that Dwell is going to sponsor Bible translation work in Guatemala. And, I asked her if she remembered what people group Great Aunt Helen served. She said Helen worked with the Achí people. Nat, do you remember? The Achí people—that’s one of the people groups.”  

I lost it. 

When Vera said that our great aunt Helen worked with the Achí people, I lost it. I lost it because God could have financed that project in any number or ways, but he chose to involve us. I lost it because of any time in the history of time, he put it in the hearts of translators to update the Achí Bible now, at just the same time when we were looking to support a translation project. I lost it because God used the difficulties of a pandemic to lead us to The Seed Co. I lost it because God’s heart for all people isn’t just a general thing, it’s very specific.  

Our God is infinitely intimate.  

God’s heart is for me, personally. While his infinity may boggle my mind, what brings me to my knees in wonder-filled worship is not his ability to stand over time, but his willingness to step into it. He has revealed his tender care for me, quite extraordinarily and specifically. He has spoken to my own heart, not just about his magnitude but of his tender care for each little detail of my life. And, because God is infinite, he can care for each and every person in this same intimate way, for the person across the globe and the person across the street. And for you, across the page, he cares for you too, tenderly, personally. This is our intimate infinite God.    

Read more about our partnership with The Seed Company here.

What about you? 

Has God ever done something so personal for you, that you just knew it was from him?

Thanks for reading,

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