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👊 Dwell - scripture designs to help you memorize one verse every month. 


🙏 How it works:

Monthly Kit: Your Dwell Scripture Kit arrives in the mail first week of each month, equipping you to memorize this month's verse.

Regular Content: All month long, we are brining you weekly Devo blog posts, weekly Dwell Podcast, and daily Insta to help you better understand, internalize, and live out each monthly verse.

🙌 Membership Types:

Individual: Family & Friends:
- 3 Tattoos
- 1 Keychain Tag
- 1 Devo Print
- 9 Tattoos (black & white mix option)
2 Keychain Tags
- 1 Devo Print


Membership Details:
- New verse & design every month
- Cancel, skip anytime
- Instant access to 20+ previous design downloads after signup!

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1. Each month we start with a Bible verse.
2. Each letter in the design represents the first letter of each word in the verse.
3. The design then is turned into a tattoo, keychain tag, and print.
4. See it. Recall it. Repeat it.

Membership Details
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🕊 Each design:

We start with a new verse every month.

2. Each letter in the design represents the first letter of each word in the verse.

3. The design then is turned into a tattoo, keychain tag, and print.

🧾 Each verse:

A new verse is selected every month.

2. New International Version® NIV is the chosen Bible translation.

📱 Access and download 20+ digital scripture designs of your phone, desktop & Apple Watch, as well as print-at-home coloring pages!

📚 Get access to our library of 20+ previous scripture memorization kits!

🙌 All Dwell Members extra discounts on accessories, free gifts, access to early sales, as well as bulk discounts on individual kits!

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💳 When you join Dwell, your card will be charged on that day. Every following order will be processed on the 15th of the month. For example, if you sign up on March 22nd, your card will be charged again on April 15th. If you sign up on March 2nd, you will be charged again on April 15th.

🙌 If you join Dwell's pre-paid year long membership & save 10%, your membership will be renewed on the 15th of the anniversary month in which you signed up. So, if you signed up on March 22, 2019, you will be charged again on March 15, 2020.

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👍 Absolutely!

You can easily cancel your membership anytime right from your Dwell Account. 

If you have further questions, please email us at dwell@dwelldifferently.com. You may receive and be charged for one final month's membership before all future transactions are cancelled. 

🤯 You can always simply skip an upcoming month's order and keep all your Dwell Member Perks!

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✉ Your first month's order will arrive in the first week of the following month.

Dwell memberships arrive on the first week of every month. 

For example, if you sign up between December 1-31, your first package will arrive the first week of January.
Every subsequent month, your membership should arrive within 4 days of the 1st of the month. If you haven't received your package by the 5th, please contact us at dwell@dwelldifferently.com

📮 Yes! You can easily update your shipping address via your Dwell Account, however we ask that you allow one fulfillment cycle for your new address to be updated. 

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🕊 Each letter represents the first letter of each word in the verse, helping you recall the verse every time you see the design.

See the "How Dwell designs work" tab for more!

🤔 White tattoos look beautiful on darker skin tones and more subtle on lighter skin tones. Black tattoos show well on all skin tones.

👍 Dwell's temporary tattoos are safe and non-toxic. Our American made tattoos use FDA certified colorants and all products exceed US, Canadian, and European Union safety standards for cosmetic and toy products. Documentation is available upon request. If your skin becomes irritated, stop using the tattoos.

📅 Dwell temporary tattoos last about 3-5 days.

Individual kits come with 3 copies, and Family&Friends kits come with 9 copies of temporary tattoos to re-apply through the month!

Looking for tips to make tattoos last longer? View our Full FAQ!

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🙏 Dwell is monthly scripture memorization toolkit to help you grow in your faith, grow closer with your loved ones, and share your faith organically.

Dwell scripture memorization toolkit consists of:

1. Monthly kits in the mail

Weekly devo posts & podcast

Digital scripture downloads via Member Perks

Scripture accessories

- Monthly memberships start at just $8/mo
- $12/mo for a Family&Friends Membership

You can save 10% if you pre-pay! 😊

Absolutely! 👍

You can easily cancel anytime from your Dwell Account!

You can also skip as many orders as you'd like and still keep your Member Perks!

🙏 Our mission at Dwell is to wake up all people to the love of Jesus through His Word in an accessible, beautiful, transformative way.

You can also read more about our team & beliefs on our Contact & Bio page!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 391 reviews
Joie Rogers
Wonderful subscription

I absolutely love the Dwell kit I got for August! This is my first month on the plan and I cannot wait until I get September's kit. The tattoo made it so easy to memorize the scripture. I had so many people (friends as well as strangers) comment on my tattoo, giving me the opportunity to share God's word and share His love for us all in a new way. :)

Deborah Ligons

I have been truly blessed by participating in Dwell. Iam reminded daily of God's promises and his word when I wear my tattoos. They give me the opportunity to share his word and his love when people ask me about my tattoos and believe me they ask.

Keri Kazebeer
I love this product!!

We are using Dwell as a staple in our Empowerment group to assist women who are recovering from trauma. We build a monthly devotional around the scripture verse that encourages our members to not just memorize the verse, but teaches them how to apply it to their lives. We have seen great results in a short period of time of using Dwell for this purpose.

Lori Poynter
Love it!

We’re 3 months in and have hidden 3 scriptures in our hearts! Repetition is definitely the way to do that and Dwell has the bases covered! Of course there’s the tattoo, but so much more. I put our Devo card in our bathroom, include the scripture on my key ring, update the Lock Screen on my phone, and the emails…..I love the emails! They are a tremendous encouragement to me. It has been a fun and easy way for my husband and I to hide God’s Word in our hearts. I’m grateful for such a tool.