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If you have questions, you might be best checking our Dwell FAQ Page first, but also don't hesitate to email us at: for help!

Our Bios:

Vera Schmitz: Vera and her husband, Matt, live in St. Louis, Missouri with their two sons. After competing for 5 years in professional athletics, Vera felt a stirring to share the hope of Jesus in a practical way. Vera's unique background in high level sports has taught her the importance of having a sound mind -one that does not dwell in the negative. She believes it's possible and actually vital to dwell differently.

"If it is important for sport performance, is it not so much more important in our REAL lives, our marriages, parenting, professions, and the things that truly matter to have a sound mind?" -Vera Schmitz

Matt and Vera attend The Journey Tower Grove in St. Louis, MO.

Natalie Abbott: Natalie and her husband, Jason, live in Jefferson City, MO with their five kids. Natalie spent a long couple of years investigating God in college before finally understanding his perfect love for her in Christ. The journey since her conversion has been one of increasing wonder and humility at the sacrifice and continued love of Jesus for her. She consistently goes to the well of God’s word to drink deeply and find joy. 







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