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When I Don't Know What to Pray // Andrew Peterson & Doug McKelvey

“It's only to the degree that we remember and cling to the person and promises of Jesus that it’s possible to be joyful when we don’t have the thing that we so long for, or to be patient in the midst of affliction, or to continue faithfully in prayer…all of those things only make sense in the context of a relationship and an expectation that this is not the end.” — Doug McKelvey

Have you ever wanted to pray but couldn't find the words? In today's episode, Natalie talks with Andrew Peterson and Doug McKelvey about prayer—how we find time to pray in the midst of our lives, how we find words to pray when words are elusive, and how God wants to meet us in all of our emotions and situations with himself. 


"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." — Romans 12:12


Every Moment Holy

The Rabbit Room

Andrew Peterson

The Wingfeather Saga

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Andrew Peterson & Doug McKelvey

Andrew Peterson is a recording artist, songwriter, producer, filmmaker, publisher and award-winning author of The Wingfeather Saga, Andrew Peterson is also founder and president of The Rabbit Room, which has published thirty books to date and fosters community and spiritual formation through music, story and art. Doug McKelvey is an author, scriptwriter, church sexton, video director, and song lyricist—penning more than 350 lyrics recorded by a variety of artists including Switchfoot, Kenny Rogers, Ella Mine, and Jason Gray.

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