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This Brings Peace

“He sees everything, and there is a peace that comes when you remind yourself of how big and capable he is to hold all things together.” — Vera Schmitz

What do you do when peace feels elusive and all the plates that are spinning feel like they’re about to crash? Join Dwell Differently co-founders and sisters, Vera Schmitz and Natalie Abbott, as they talk about times they’ve felt a lack of control in their lives, share how praying the Lord’s Prayer has been so formative, and invite us to give the things that weigh heavy on us to a God who is fully capable of holding all things. Bonus: Vera and Natalie share a mini teaser about a big project Dwell Differently has been working on—you won’t want to miss it!


"He is before all things, and in him all things hold together." — Colossians 1:17


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Vera Schmitz & Natalie Abbott

Vera and Natalie are sisters and co-founders of Dwell Differently. Together they create the images and content that help you memorize and meditate on one verse every month.

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