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Set Free from Fear, Control & Busyness (One of Our Most Helpful Episodes!)

“It’s not about just memorizing verses to memorize verses…it’s memorizing verses because God’s Word is powerful, it transforms our lives, it gives us hope, and it sets us free.” — Vera Schmitz

Have you ever struggled with fear, control, or busyness? Who doesn't?! We wanted to revisit this topic today by sharing one of our all-time most helpful episodes (first released in August 2022). Dwell Differently co-founder Vera Schmitz shares how memorizing specific truths from God's Word has helped set her free from these struggles in her own life. She relates how the truth about God's transcendent peace in Philippians 4:6–7 has helped her in anxious moments. She shares how Exodus 14:14 has reminded her to rely on God to fight for her.  And she testifies about how the words of rest in Psalm 116:7 have come to mind in seasons of busyness. We hope that Vera's stories of freedom will be an encouragement to you as you consider how God's words have bolstered you when you've needed them. 


"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." — Romans 12:12


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Vera Schmitz

Vera Schmitz is the co-founder and chief creative officer of Dwell Differently. She lives in Missouri with her husband and 3 sons.

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