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God's Word: The Off-Ramp We Need for Negative Thinking
"These are not just good words, these are powerful, true, universe-creating words that you are speaking into your soul...these words have the power to completely transform your life. We believe that. We've experienced that." — Vera Schmitz

On today's episode, Natalie Abbott and Vera Schmitz are talking about their new book Dwell Differently: Overcome Negative Thinking with the Simple Practice of Memorizing God's Truth.  They discuss how sometimes we get stuck in thought paths that are so consistent and repetitive it's like those paths have become superhighways—and we need an off-ramp. God's Word is that off-ramp! In today's discussion, they talk about the significance of memorizing God's truth, the verses that speak most to them from the book, and the fact that God himself is the one who works to transform us through the power of his Word.


"A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart." — Luke 6:45a


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Vera Schmitz & Natalie Abbott

Vera and Natalie are sisters and co-founders of Dwell Differently. They are also the co-authors of the book Dwell Differently: Overcome Negative Thinking with the Simple Practice of Memorizing God's Truth. Together they create the images and content that help you memorize and meditate on one Bible verse every month.

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