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Do You Really Believe God's Word? // Tara Sun
“My passion is to help women do three things, to know God’s Word, to love God’s Word, and to live God’s Word.” -Tara Sun

If you took inventory of your day-to-day choices, would they reveal you're following after Jesus? Or are you merely listening to the Bible but not believing it enough to live out what it says? Those can be hard questions to sit with (for us, too!), but they’re important. We all know the struggle to live out what we know to be true, but there is hope for us! In this episode, Tara Sun joins Dwell Differently co-founder Natalie Abbott to dig into what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, how to prioritize the right things in our busy lives, how we tend to get tripped up when we read this verse, and the good news about where our justification from God really comes from. As Tara says, may you know God’s Word, love God’s Word, and live God’s Word. We’re here alongside you for the journey!



Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. — James 1:22



Through the Truth Talks with Tara podcast, her Instagram community, her book Surrender Your Story, and other resources, Tara Sun passionately teaches women of all ages how to know, love, and live God’s Word for themselves.

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