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What Do You Evangelize About?

"What does it mean to make Jesus great? One of the ways is telling people about him."

— April Harper

What does it mean to make Jesus great in our lives? April Harper, CEO of Dwell Differently, asks us some super practical questions today to help us identify what we are holding up as great to those around us. What do you functionally act like you're more excited about than Jesus? Would others see his greatness by what you say, or are other messages coming through more clearly? If we believe that Jesus is our greatest good, how can our words and actions reflect that? Praise God, he is at work to help us as we seek to magnify him!


"He must become greater; I must become less." — John 3:30


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EPISODE TRANSCRIPT: Hey guys, it's April Harper, Dwell Differently CEO, back to wrap up the month of July with you. If you're a regular Dwell podcast listener, you were probably expecting Vera this week. Don't worry, she'll be back soon. Thanks for memorizing with us this month and for joining us for today's podcast as we end our time with John 3:30. (READ MORE)

The verse we're focusing on at Dwell this month is "He must become greater; I must become less." And that's in John 3:30. What does it mean to make Jesus great? One of the ways is telling people about him, making his name be the name that you mention or give credit to. Some of us have personalities that make it come very naturally to speak up and tell people about what they love or are passionate about, and for some that’s a little bit more difficult. I am one where it comes really easy to speak out or evangelize about things I love. Sometimes even to an annoying fault!

For example, there was a time period where I would tell everyone about these tank tops that someone else tipped me off to. It was like a full TED talk that I would give about all the reasons you needed these Nordstrom brand tank tops that make everything so smooth. And I would buy them for everyone as gifts because I just thought they were life-changing.

Health is another huge one for me. A while back, I had a thyroid issue that I had to take medication for and I hated it. And with all this juicing, I was able to heal it in just a couple months. So now when someone tells me that they have a thyroid problem, I immediately go to that. I want to tell them about what happened to me and how it might help them too.

It's in my nature to try to fix a problem if I think I know how to fix it— even if I don't fully. Who would I even be if I didn't speak up to help them solve it? So transferring this to our salvation, who [00:02:00] am I if I don't speak out about Jesus to people who don't know him? In a lot of ways, tank tops and celery juice are a lot easier to tell people about.

I was on a walk with a non-Christian friend of mine a few years ago and she asked me one of the hardest questions. She said, "If you actually believe this God you follow is real, why are you not jumping over everything to tell me about it?" That question has never left me. Sharing about Jesus in an authentic relationship like that one is always best, but we also know the Holy Spirit guides us and tells us when to speak and who to speak to.

Will we listen though and follow his voice? What is your gospel? What is your thing you love to help people with? How can the practice of how you tell or evangelize about that thing help you to tell people about Jesus well? We love you guys.

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April Harper

April is the CEO of Dwell Differently. She lives in Indiana with her husband and two wonderful children. She leads the Dwell Differently team and is deeply grateful for getting to watch the Word of God transform hearts!

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