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You're a Commercial

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Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. 

- Romans 12:10

You’re a commercial. 

I know that's probably a weird thing to say, but let me explain. If you say that you’re a Christian, if people know you go to church, if they see your Dwell tattoo, or find you jamming out to Christian music, it’s likely that they’re looking at you to find out what a real Christian looks like. Many people have ideas about Christians, but you might be the only Christian they actually know. So, your words and your actions are sort of on display as "that Christian" they know. Now, I’m not trying to get all up in your business. I’m just saying that for people who don’t go to church, you're just like a commercial, telling them what a real Christian looks like. 

But, what does that have to do with our verse?

Well, our verse tells us what our lives should look like, doesn’t it? It says that we should be devoted and selfless in our love of others, which is precisely how we've been loved by Jesus. So, when we love others like he’s loved us, we’re revealing something true about him. We get to be the tangible expression of God’s love in the lives of those around us. When we go with people into the muck and help them through, when we sit by the sickbed, when we call the lonely, when we belly laugh late into the night, when we cry with the brokenhearted, we’re showing others what God is like. And, that kind of loyal affection is just undeniably attractive. It’s the very thing that draws people to Jesus. It tells them what he is like, that he is faithful and kind and willing to sacrifice for them.

When we love people like we’ve been loved, we’re the best “commercial” for our faith

What is one way that you can tangibly express God's love to someone who might need to feel it right now?
How does knowing that you're a "commercial" inspire you to think about ways to love others well?