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Wonder & Whimsy

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The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

- Psalm 19:1

I am blessed to have small kids running all over my house every day. 

It’s a crazy, loud, messy sort of fun. And, one of the greatest blessings of hanging out with them is their sense of wonder. They notice everything, because so much is new and fascinating to them. They notice the iridescent wings of beetles, they want to know what clouds taste like, they keep special rocks and feathers, and they can dig for hours in the dirt. Their wonder is wonderful to me, and I’m inspired by them. 

As an adult, I don’t tend to see the world with eyes of wonder. I am practical, and busy. I have lists and plans and a schedule. But, their whimsy calls me to slow down and savor the beauty of it all. They call me back to the Maker and what his world says about him. You see, God didn’t have to make food so varied and delicious, he wasn’t obligated to give birds songs, he wasn’t required to give us colored vision, or make the sunsets we see so colorful. But, he did. He did those things and so much more to show us Who he is, and that he is WONDERFUL. His world should fill us with wonder and awe. It should bring us to tears that this amazing, intricate, beautiful world is just a tiny reflection of our God. I want to see his world like that. I want to see him like that.

- Natalie Abbott

Does God's amazing, intricate, beautiful world move you to worship him?
How can you "slow down and savor the beauty of it all"?