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The Wisdom of God
So, when we find ourself “lacking wisdom”, we should “ask God who gives generously to all”.

Wisdom. It’s different than knowledge - or having all of the facts. We’ve all witnessed the party tricks of super-intellects, quoting obscure facts or illuminating concepts that make our heads spin. One thing I do know for sure is that there is always someone much smarter than I, even in areas where I know a fair amount. This was highlighted for me just last week when my fifth grader refused my help on her math homework, preferring her older brother’s help. Fifth grade math. Really?!?! It cut me to the quick. Sadly though, it was probably a fair assessment. But, there is good news for the likes of me! Wisdom isn’t just knowing the facts. Rather, wisdom is the ability to look at all of the facts, possible scenarios, and inputs of our circumstances, and all of the inward desires and hopes of our own heart, and come up with the most correct, or “right” course of action. However, the bible takes this concept of wisdom one step further.

The wisdom of God is far deeper than any depth we ourselves could plumb. Consider our definition of wisdom as first seeing the whole picture and then deciding a right course of action. If anyone sees the whole picture, it is the One who is ALL-knowing. He sees ALL of the facts, possible scenarios, and every minute detail of every situation. Moreover, he knows ALL of our desires and hopes and can disentangle the pure from the selfish. Beyond all of that, he sees how our little lives fit in to the WHOLE of everything. Mind-blowing. So, his wisdom is both perfect, and pure, and infinite. Moreover, when we then consider his merciful, loving-kindness towards us, we should feel safe trusting in his wisdom for our lives.


So, when we find ourself “lacking wisdom”, we should “ask God who gives generously to all”. He longs for us to ask him for his advice. He is like a patient father waiting for his child to crawl into his lap and tell him their sorrows. He can see all of the angles and all of the difficulties. And, he is not distant or removed. Instead, he gives generously to those who ask. He is a loving and kind Father with boundless wisdom. He wants only for you to ask and he will give it to you.


Do you see God as a kind and wise Father or as distant and uncaring?


How does this verse encourage you about God’s willingness to meet your need for guidance?


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