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The Good News is a Person
Jesus. We want to know you more.


We want to know you more. 

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

- Psalm 91:1

The good news is a person. 


The Truth is a person.

The Way is a person.

The Life is a person. 


The Authority, the Reason, the Deep Magic, the Great Love, the Fulfillment of all good things... these are all You, Jesus.


You are the Lord of Rest,

the Light of the World,

the lasting Feast of Heaven,

the Beginning and the End,

the Great 'I Am',

the Prophet, Priest, and King,

the Redeemer,

the Good Shepherd,

the Gate,

the Son of Man and Son of God.


Messiah, Creator, Sustainer, Counselor, Comforter, Friend, Brother, Most High, Almighty, Prince of Peace...


Suffering Servant.


Surely you took on all of our infirmities, you were the Man of Sorrows, stricken, counted cursed, cast out, ridiculed, mocked, betrayed, beaten, executed... 




You are the spotless Lamb of God, the Sacrifice, the Blood Payment for my sins.

Oh Jesus, you are not just for me, though. 


You are so much more. You are for us all. You're for the downcast and the self-righteous, the whore and the judgy "Karen". You are for the sleeper and the denier, the boastful Peter. You are for me, but not just for me.


So, I will tell of you, awkwardly, painfully, with my whole heart and with tears. I will tell these people, my friends and neighbors, my fellow failures. I will proclaim what I know of you.


But, how can I tell of those parts I do not know? Jesus, grow my love for you. Reveal more of yourself to me. Give me a heart after your own heart, like that sinner, David. You give generously to those who ask. Help me love you more intimately, and treasure your mercy—especially as I need it more and more.

Which of these names of Jesus speaks most to you right now?

What is it about sharing Jesus with others that makes us feel awkward?

How might a deeper love for him help mitigate that awkwardness?


Natalie Abbott, Dwell DifferentlyNatalie co-founded Dwell with her sister, Vera. Together, they're committed to helping others connect with God each and every day. Natalie also hosts our weekly podcast, Dwell Differently. She and her husband, Jason, live in Chicago with their 5 kids, where Jason pastors  First Free Church



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