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Strong Love

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How do the concepts of alert readiness, firm belief, and courageous strength fit together with doing everything in love? At a glance, they don’t. But, perhaps that is because most of us have never been at war. We don’t realize the constant need for such preparations. Truth is, we are at war every day. It is a battle to keep at bay our selfish desires, to face each obstacle with grace and wisdom, to walk in humble service of others. When we remind ourselves daily of God’s truth, standing firm in our faith, we can be courageously strong in those truths. Then we are equipped for loving others.

So, what does the first verse look like when seen through the lense of the last verse?

Be on your guard, prepared to respond in love, regardless of circumstances.

Let your love flow out of the firmly planted faith that

you have in your loving God.

Love courageously, not afraid to take on situations or

people who seem too difficult.

Love mightily, drawing upon the limitless strength of God.

Do everything in LOVE.

How can you love people more like this?