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Soul Food

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Growing up, I loved to read thought provoking books, loved getting into deep conversations about theory, and I loved learning what smart people had to say about God.


A few years back, I hit a really really tough spot. I tried reading, and listening to podcasts... tried finding answers in books and blogs from smart Christian people. But it seemed that no book, no podcast, no person could really help me get up and out of my pit. Their words were good, but they weren't God. I needed something more. Something deeper, something fuller, something... like God. I was craving God. 


I started putting my nose in the bible, choosing just one verse at a time to focus on. I'd write it on paper, I'd draw it out, I'd write the letters on my hand, I'd carry the words in my pocket on paper, I'd record the verse or passage on my phone, and play it back to myself over my earbuds while working out. It literally became the food for my soul. 


In that time, I learned the most beautiful thing: one word of God's written on my heart was worth more to me than ten thousand other words. I needed a break from all the other voices for a moment so I could hear the rich deep words from God to me. 


If you are a big consumer of information, don't mishear me. Books and blogs and podcasts are AMAZING tools and resources to grow your relationship with God. And if you've never picked up a bible before, and don't know a single verse, don't be intimidating. All I'm suggesting is this:  find one verse, and let it be your soul food for a while.  It might be exactly what you're craving.