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The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

- Psalm 19:1

How do you respond to God?

Even in the city, where concrete is king, creation constantly pokes up between the cracks, calls out from roosted corners, and rains down refreshing waters. And, certainly there is no part of the rolling rural countryside that isn’t inundated with nature’s beauty. Our whole world, regardless of the particular corner we live in is pressing in every day, calling our hearts to adore it’s Creator. The birds sing our morning call to worship. The faithful, life-giving sun reminds our souls of the greater Life-giver. The trees reach up their branches in response to those enlivening rays. All of nature responds in glorious harmony to its Maker with worshipful beauty and song.

But what about us?

What about the people God made? We who were given more than beauty? We who have souls, minds, and spirits? We who reflect our God in creativity, love, wisdom, and joy? How do we respond to our Maker? Our spirits should respond in joyful thanks. Our minds should long to know more of him. Our creativity should pour forth with pleasing words and objects that reflect something of his beauty. In short, we should overflow in all areas of our lives with actions and words that give honor to the One who made us. This response is called ‘worship’, and it's the right and good response to the One who has so generously given us the world around us and all that we are.


- Natalie Abbott

- How can you respond to God in worship today?
- How can you make something, think something, say something, or do something that will bring God honor today?