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Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.

- John 15:13

Memorial Day is a day filled with memories, of gratitude and sadness, of reflection and introspection. Memorial Day calls us to a sober place, reminding us of our past and of those whose shoulders we now stand on. We remember those who gave their lives for us in military service. And, we also remember those close family members and friends who have passed on who loved us with a great love. On this day, it’s fitting to think of those who’ve gone before us with hearts inspired by their love and sacrifice.

In my own life, I remember fondly my Abuelito (grandpa) who always had a smile and a mint for me. He regularly stroked my hair, looked me in the eye, and told me I was beautiful. Those words were a cold drink in the desert of my awkward teen years, words that still refresh me today. He was always ready to give up his time to just sit with me and hear me. He would drop everything for a game of Yahtzee or cards. I was never insignificant or a bother. His selfless love was larger than life, and still grounds me and inspires me today.


What about you? Who are the people you remember? How did they love you with a great love? What about those in uniform who selflessly serve us every day, even sacrificing their lives?

As you remember them, thank God today.