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For you. For me. For love.

​Our little verse is situated in the middle of this great cosmic scene in the very beginning of the book of John. This Christmas story doesn’t begin with the micro-perspective of a baby in a manger humbly entering into the outskirts of humanity. Rather, it begins at the literal beginning, with God spinning planets into motion, creating universes by a Word. The very same imagery of God breaking into uncreated darkness with light is used to illustrate the light of Jesus breaking into the darkness of humanity with radiant purity and illumination. It’s too wonderful, too good to be true! Why would such a great God stoop so low?


For you. For me. For love.


He broke through the darkness that looms in this world and even in our hearts so that we could be with him. The infinite Creator fit his boundless love into a finite package to dwell with us, to rescue us, and to make us his own.  


How can you let this brilliant story fill you with wonder this Christmas?


The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.

-John 1:5