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Love That Never Fails?
Something that will never wear out, give up, or let me down. There really isn’t ANYTHING like that, is there?

Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.

- Psalm 90:14


Hmmm. Something that will never wear out, give up, or let me down. There really isn’t ANYTHING like that, is there? We buy warranties knowing we’re gonna probably need them. Things in this life just break down, even I’m breaking down, showing age, wearing out. I will one day fail entirely. It’s the way of all flesh. 

But, I long for things to not fade or fail. I long for something permanent, something forever, something that will never wear out… something good and lasting, pure and dependable. Our verse tells us that is exactly what God’s love is-unfailing. My heart just desperately needs that kind of love. I need to be accepted, understood, forgiven, known, and still loved. I need love that won’t let me down, won’t abandon me, won’t call it quits when I’m a total jerk or just plain weird. I know I’m not perfect, but I know too that I need a love that is. I need a love that is patient with me, a love that is selfless and rejoices in me. I need UNFAILING love. 

God gives me this kind of love. I see it again and again when I’m lost and lonely and turn to him. He gives me kind words in his book that remind me of who he is and just how much he gave up to be with me. He gives me friends and snowflakes, sunshine and laughter. He gives me soul comfort and peace. His love transcends the boundaries of time to remind me of his sweet promise to come again one day and wipe all our tears. He is forever and always present. In all situations he is there for me. I know his love, and it is UNFAILING.

So, I am glad. I am free. I am able to rejoice and receive. I can sing for joy with my whole heart because I am secure in the unfailing love of God.

How have you experienced the unfailing love of God in your life?

What practical things can you do to experience that love on the daily? 


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