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God Speaks To Us

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The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.

- Isaiah 40:8

Do you ever just wish that God would speak to you, like really and truly speak?

He has, and he does. The Bible, God’s Word, actually is him speaking to you and me every time we open it. Our verse reminds us that it’s eternal. 

I’m literally watching this verse unfold before my eyes as I write this post. For one weekend a year, maybe two, we eagerly witness the spectacular dance of leaves changing from green to gold, orange and red. We light up campfires, wear jeans for the first time since spring, and drink delicious seasonal drinks. We try and squeeze every last morsel from this turning of the seasons, because we know it is here today and gone tomorrow. We watch leaves on the ground fade from fiery beauty to brown mush, and so our excitement fades with the colors. Before the leaves are even gone, I’m already mourning the loss. 

So it is with everything in this life. Nothing lasts forever. Things come and things go.  

To be totally real with you, I get a little sad about the temporal nature of things. But, here’s the thing people: though we live in this ever moving, ever changing world, ONE thing is steadfast and consistent. One thing gives us hope of things to come that never die, that go on forever and ever. And that thing is God’s word and it’s promises.  As I’ve been dwelling on this month’s verse, I am reminded that the leaves falling in slow motion (and all the fleeting beautiful things) are meant to create a craving deep inside of me for something beyond this world. Something enduring and perfect. Heaven and God himself. And so, as another season changes, I cling to the Word of God that endures forever. Open your Bible today. Take it in, and be encouraged that the One who makes our hearts sing when we experience the joys of autumn speaks to us on every page. 

How does autumn make your heart sing?
How does knowing God speaks to us through the Bible affect your actions?

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