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Four Kids Are Easier Than Two
How inviting people in makes our lives easier, not harder.

how inviting people in makes our lives easier, not harder.

because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of god but our lives as well.  


I'm about to help a parent out. And if you aren’t a parent, just hold on, this is for you too.  

I have 2 kids. Having 4 kids in my house all at once is easier than having just my 2 kids. Having 6 kids in my house all at once is easier than having just my 2 kids. 

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but…having 8 kids in my house all at once can actually be easier than having just my 2 kids. 

And even more than making my job of being “mom” easier, having more kids in my home sharing life with my kids is an actual gift and delight in my life. 

When I first became a mom, I was blown away by how often my sister-in-law was inviting MORE kids into her child-filled home. She was always offering to take in other people’s children. Got a dentist appointment? Just drop the kids by! Babysitter fall through? Sure, bring them over! I remember watching her with confusion and admiration. How was she able to invite others into her life? How did I technically have more capacity (I had only one child to her three at this time) and yet feel so depleted and unable to do what she did. AND how was it that she seemed delighted to share her life with others in this way?        



"If there is one verse that I would want to characterize my ministry, it would be this one." -Melissa Kruger

In last week's podcast, Melissa and Natalie talk about the power of life-on-life ministry, mentoring, and the joy of seeing how the gospel impacts lives over time.



Out of curiosity, and a splash of guilt, I started to say yes more often, even offering to help my family and friends with their kids when they were needing some help. The result was shocking. My kids, who always seem to need me for every last thing—at all times, in all circumstances—ceased to know I existed when other little people showed up. It seems impossible, but sharing my limited resources of time and energy actually caused me to receive more time and energy. I thought that I was bringing good news to the other mom I was helping out, but turns out, the good news wasn’t just for them. It was for me too. God regularly multiplies my resources when I say yes to bringing more kids into my home.  

Practically speaking, mom or not, invite people in. I am certain that all of us feel limited in our resources at times. Maybe it’s energy or sanity (like me). Maybe it's time or expertise. Maybe it's money or status. Whatever it is, the lesson is this: give what you have. Share your life with others, and watch how the good news you thought was for others is actually for you too.

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