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Do God's Work

Do God's Work

Show me your ways, LORD, teach me your paths.

- Psalm 25:4

We get to do these AMAZING things!

The God of EVERYTHING, the One who is, and was, and is yet to come, THAT God, he has called us to do wonderful works, HIS works, here in our lifetime.

Do you hear that??? 

Does it make your eyes get wide with wonder, does it make you tremble a little in your boots? It should. You should get all the feels swirling around in your stomach when you think about it. I certainly do.

But, that's overwhelming, right? Unbelievable, really. How can we do the real and actual work of God?  ‘Cause these are the things that truly matter for all time, the things that show the people around us what God looks like and that he is in fact real. We ask ourselves, "How can I possibly do THAT?"

ACTIVE TRUST. That’s how we do it. We trust the things that God says about himself, and we live like he really means it. We give over our own prerogative for our lives and start asking him to show us what we should do. We pray in our deepest heart with the Psalmist, “Show me your ways, LORD, teach me your path.” And, when he does, when God reveals the next step on the path, we simply take it.

This is how ordinary people start to look like their extraordinary God.

What's holding you back from doing God's work in your lifetime?

Are you uncertain? Ask for clarity.

If you're scared, ask for courage. 

Do you feel ill-equipped? Ask for ability.

God is good to give us what we need to do the things he's asking us to do.