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What If We Were Satisfied With God?
Do you enjoy God? I know. It’s a totally weird question, right? But, I want you to think about it. Do you ENJOY God?

Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.

- Psalm 90:14

Do you enjoy God?

I know. It’s a totally weird question, right? But, I want you to think about it. Do you ENJOY God? Do you like him? Do you look forward to spending time with him? He is a person, so he’s personal, like a person would be. He feels and thinks, he communicates, he listens, he loves, he hates. He is a real and true person. I know, mostly you know these things, but let me just preach to myself then, cause I need to hear it. If God is personal, not just a genie in a bottle granting wishes, not just a good luck charm, not a list of good ways to live, if he is truly a person, then why don’t we treat him as such? 

This verse is really hitting me like a brick in the face. These questions keep swirling around in my mind: 

  • Am I truly satisfied in God? 
  • Is he my greatest joy? 
  • Am I right now just loving reading his word, basking in his love for me, thankful for all of his many graces? 
  • OR, is he an obligation, like doing the laundry? I’ve got to take care of it, or I’m gonna look bad and stink. 
  • OR, is he a lucky penny that I rub when I want things to go my way? 
  • OR, is he some mystic healer that I can send some props to for some magic meds? 
  • OR, is he just the ritual before dinner, words I say because I always say them?

I’m being real here, people. 

I want to be satisfied in him. I want to be happy and content in a REAL relationship with my God. The Bible calls him our Husband, our Father, a Mother Hen. He is our Comfort, our Helper, our Guide. He is our Lover, our closest Friend. He is everything but the things we act like he is. He is infinitely more. He is a PERSON. 

So, my prayer for each of us is that we would LOVE our personal God. We cannot be satisfied with a God who is really no god at all. We could never find our deepest joy in a list of rules, an obligation, some pretty things, or a good luck charm. We can only be content and happy as we relate to the real God, who is a real person, who has related to us in the most kind and generous ways. If we want to be satisfied, if we want true happiness, God must be as REAL to us as he actually is.

I want that.

Are you happy with God?

Do you treat him like a REAL person?


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