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A Prayer for the Weary

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I need every word of our verse right now. 

It’s my constant mantra. “Let [me] not become weary in doing good… Let [me] not become weary… Let [me] not become weary...” I keep saying it, because I need to say it. Frankly, I’m in a particularly exhausting season of parenting. No, I don’t get up through the night or wipe neverending bottoms or make mac and cheese while actively breast-feeding. I don’t fall asleep sitting up or spend my time at the park keeping a toddler from head injuries. No, I can finally sit the bench at the park, but I’m still worn out. My tiredness isn’t physical, it’s emotional, because I have teenagers. I love them, and they’re awesome, but my sweet little babes have become slick, persistent lawyers, and court is always in session. When I set healthy boundaries, they dig tunnels under them. I compromise and cave on everything from million dollar shoes to extra screen time out of sheer exhaustion. Aye yai yai! And all the other parents of teenagers are raising three fingers in solidarity with me (like Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games). I love my kids dearly, but they’ve got my number right now, and I’m simply worn out. 

But God has been showing up in my weariness. 

Today, he gave me some Scripture that really spoke to my heart. He filled out the message I’ve already been hearing him say, “Don’t grow weary, Nat. I’ve got you.” He reminded me of this truth: he does not grow weary and he never gives up. His power and strength are limitless, and he wants to share them with me. So, for all you exhausted people—people with big and little kids, people walking through hardship, people who are ill, people in conflict, people who are depressed, people who are worried or fearful—whoever you are, reading this, join me in this refreshment for your soul. Read these ancient words about our loving, kind God. Then, we’ll respond to him in prayer.


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Do you not know?  Have you not heard?  The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom.  He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. (Isaiah 40:28-31)       

Oh Lord, everlasting God,    

Though I’m worn down, you are never weary. I may falter and fail, but you never faint. O Lord, your energy and power are boundless. You created and uphold everything, always and forever. You are the one true and forever God, always the same—All-powerful, All-wonderful, God of gods, Lord over all things. Who is like you? 

I am but a breath, a mist, the dew that evaporates with the sun. I am weary and worn, here and then gone. 


I wait on you. I trust in you. I worship and wonder at you. You tell me unimaginable, radical truths about your love for me. So, I cling to them. I cling to you. You are my beloved ONLY, very Dad of very dads, my true Husband, my dearest Friend. Who is like you—wanting the unwanted, inviting in the outcast? Even me. Surely, there is no one, not in all the earth like you. 

Once I didn’t know you, now I know. Once I ran away and stopped my ears, now I strain to listen. Once my heart was icy, but you breathed in warmth and revived my soul.  

Now, I have strength, though I am weary. I have power, though I’m weak. It is not mine, but all yours. Out of the riches of your ceaseless abundance you lavish on me everything I need. 

Surely, you are upside-down in all your ways. Who can understand you?  You sacrifice for your enemy, for the love of the unlovable, the other, the rebel who spits in your face… 

For me. 

O help me learn from you. Make me upside-down too. Out of the abundance of your love, let me love others. Let me serve like you serve us all, without needing any thanks. Let me love, even when I’m spurned. Only you can give me power and courage and forbearance to not grow weary. You make the impossible possible. It all depends on you, not me. Help me love this way, today.   


Thanks for reading,

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