5 Pack // Proverbs 15:30
5 Pack // Proverbs 15:30
5 Pack // Proverbs 15:30
5 Pack // Proverbs 15:30
5 Pack // Proverbs 15:30

5 Pack // Proverbs 15:30

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Light in a messenger’s eyes brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones. Proverbs 15:30

Bundled in packs of 5— get a deal and share this verse with everyone!

  • Share with your small group
  • Use as a stand alone gift, an add on to a greeting card, or spice up a gift basket
  • Throw them into your purse or backpack to share with a stranger

Here's what each kit includes:

Individual Kit Family/Friends Kit

  • 3 Temporary Tattoos
  • Key Card w/ Verse
  • 4x5.5 Print w/ Devotional

  • 9 Temporary Tattoos 
  • 2 Key Cards w/ Verse
  • 4x5.5 Print w/ Devotional

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Damaska
Great customer service!

I’ve reached out to Sara several times with questions and each time she is prompt and so kind. The verses are great, the art is amazing, and I am just so excited to get a special package every month. Highly, highly recommend!!

Heather Harrison

Dwell Monthly Membership

Barbara Hunter

Dwell Monthly Membership

Lauren Gross
Beyond expectations

I truly never imagined my kids ages 9,7&6 having memorized so many verses! Thank you dwell for filling my home and my kids hearts and minds with the word of God making it fun and exciting and a steady reminder! What a blessing. My husband and myself included.