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Love Like Jesus

"I don't have an up close enemy, but I definitely have contempt for people."

— Vera Schmitz

Vera is BACK and she has an exciting update to share! Today Natalie and Vera are talking all about our verse this month and how this hard call to love our enemies is really just loving the way Jesus loves. They talk about what to do if you can’t easily think of an “enemy,” how Jesus has been turning enemies into friends since he called his first disciples, and how when we remember that we were once God’s enemies who are now his friends we can extend his otherworldly love to others.


“But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.” — Luke 6:27


You've Watered Down the Golden Rule by Natalie Abbott

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Vera Schmitz & Natalie Abbott

Vera and Natalie are sisters and co-founders of Dwell. Together they create the images and content that help you memorize and meditate on one verse every month.

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