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Glenna Marshall
Glenna Marshall is a pastor’s wife and mother of two sons. She is the author of The Promise is His Presence, Everyday Faithfulness, and Memorizing Scripture. She writes regularly at on biblical literacy, suffering, and the faithfulness of God. She is a member of Grace Bible Fellowship in Sikeston, Missouri.


Today we have the joy of speaking with author, Glenna Marshall. If you listened to our previous podcast, you may recognize this name- Glenna's husband, William, joined us earlier to discuss their unique experience with racial unity.  We are honored to get to hear more about that topic from Glenna.  Listen in to hear our conversation about how Glenna is navigating significant life situations in hopes of reflecting God's image and its various beautiful colors.


Sometimes we use our Bibles like a Magic 8 Ball. We go to it with a question and we shake it up and want the perfect answer fro our situation.

This was Glenna Marshall's approach to the Bible as a young pastor's wife. But, through a season of infertility and sadness, she learned how to not just go to the Bible for answers but to meet with the God of the universe.

Glenna speaks to the practical aspects of dwelling with God, digging into his word and finding our joy and our meaning in his presence. She is a living testimony of the truth of God's promise in Psalm 91:1.


In this episode, Glenna Marshall about connecting with God when we don't feel like it. She encourages us to persevere even when we feel resistant to spending time in God's word. She encourages us to apply the promise we find in our verse this month, that when we dwell with God, we will find rest in him.

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