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Rachel Gilson : Cultivating Thankfulness Together

“There’s something about the practice of [thankfulness] in community that completes it. And that’s God’s design, that’s not a crutch. It’s not more holy if I’m just praying to Jesus alone in my thankfulness—it is in fact the bigger vision of what God’s redemption is that he creates a people that is marked by thankfulness.” — Rachel Gilson 


Cultivating Thankfulness Together: Have you ever heard someone thank an item instead of the person who gave it to them? What is behind that impulse to be thankful, and where should it really be directed? If you're looking for both a deep dive into the meaning of Psalm 107 as well as some practical questions and tools to help you live out its call to thank the Lord, you're in the right place! Rachel Gilson and Natalie Abbott dig into the details to not only help us see what Scripture is saying, but to lead us in learning how to live lives of thankfulness to God together as his people.




Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind. — Psalm 107:8




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Rachel Gilson

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