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You Are Not Alone
Even in our fear and isolation, God promises to be right here with us.

For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, "Do not fear; I will help you."

- Isaiah 41:13

You are not alone. 

In this time of social distancing, a lot of us are feeling isolated. We’re feeling far off from others, alone, and even afraid. And, while all of these precautions are wise and good, they can set our fears to spinning. We can feel out of control and anxious about what the future holds.

But, God.

He gave us this verse for right now, for this very time. And, it holds promises for each one of us that give such peace and courage-the kind that only can come from God. I for one have had these words on repeat in my mind, giving me a firm foundation during a time of such instability.

Let’s take a look at each promise in turn:

> God is God. 

He tells us in our verse, “I am the LORD, your God”. He isn’t just some small-time god, but he is THE LORD, the Creator, the all-powerful sustainer of all things. And because of that, he’s not surprised by anything. Ever. Though our current situation may seem surreal and even scary to us, God saw it coming and he’s in control. 

> God intimately cares for us. 

That same all-powerful God is also “our” God. He is intimate and dear. He says, “I’m holding your hand through all of this.” And, while we may feel socially isolated, there’s no boundaries on his love for us, our God is always close. We are never alone. Our God not only lived among us but he puts his very Spirit in our hearts to guide us and give us peace. He’s no distant deity, or impersonal force. No, he’s personal, he’s present, and he’s dear. He loves us and holds us close.

> We don't have to be afraid. 

God says, “Don’t fear. I’m right here, and I’ll help you.” This should give us great calm and great courage. When the God of everything says there's nothing to be afraid of, when he says that he's on our side, we should trust him. And, when he offers us his hand, we should take it. It's because we have such a great and loving God on our side that we can have both calm in our hearts and courage to face whatever comes. 

If these promises are true, then we can have confidence.
If God is who he says he is, then he is powerful enough and good enough to handle any situation. If he cares for us intimately, then we can know he’s looking out for us. And, we can take courage and live without fear knowing he's got a firm grip on us no matter what comes.

Our infinitely powerful God intimately cares for us. So, let's walk courageously in his love.

- What are the things that have you fearful or worried right now?

- How might believing God's promises in our verse help to calm your fears?


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