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Weekly Devotionals


Our Deepest Longing

God's word promises a place where justice is perfectly upheld, where all of our wounds are healed, where people are wholly known and unreservedly loved.

Bigger, Better Plans

God’s word is jammed full of his big-picture plan for the world. It is a plan for joy and purpose, for love and justice, for goodness and mercy to rule...

The Essential Work

How can we know that our good works aren’t our ticket into heaven? Doesn’t this passage say that we are “to do good works”? To find our answers, let’s look...

THE Light

In chapter one of John we see better that Jesus’ claim to be THE light is a claim to be the divine Son of God.

No Grayscale

God knows we need a way out from under our sin, a way into the light.

Spiritual EnLIGHTenment

Dear reader, I hope you are pursuing last week’s challenge to read ALL of John’s gospel.

A Challenge!

Ask God to speak to you and reveal more clearly who Jesus is.

Wisdom From Above

One of the best ways to understand the Bible is to read all of it.

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